Are you feeling the creative forces of Spring?
I imagine that you are. One of life’s desires is always to create new forms and this vital energy is so potent right now.

And guess what? You are a part of this movement and in fact, you are the movement. Even if you doubt that you are creative, life with it’s unlimited creativity moves through you all the time.
When you are conscious of it, it’s exciting.
At the same time, you need to watch the way you participate in the always unfolding process of creation. Or in the words of a popular cliche: watch what you wish for…

One of the daily practices during our retreats is a practice of meditative inquiry. Inquiry is asking a question or questions without trying to get an answer from the mind. Trusting the power of higher intelligence to relate with an open question.
Would you like to try it?
Here is one for you,
Observe yourself throughout the day, maybe at times close your eyes (not when you are driving!), go within and ask:

How is life moving through me in this moment?

What is the quality of what I am feeling now?

Am I feeling inspired?

Notice whether you want to get out of this moment or you feel aligned with it. If you are not feeling inspired, you may be following an old pattern.
Be aware, do not judge yourself, keep inquiring and deeply listening within.
Trust that Life will guide you into a new way.

Enjoy the Beauty,

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