May we see this moment as an opportunity to be grateful.
May we accept everything what life offers with an open heart.

Each moment is an offering and has a potential to enrich you, when we choose to receive it.
Even the moments that we don’t like and they may seem unacceptable. Especially these moments…

When we choose not to turn away from life showing up in all its mysterious ways, when we give up all resistance and complaints, when we give thanks- something opens up.

Life wants your highest possible potential to unfold in this step you are taking now.
Your highest potential may not be presented on Oprah, be seen or known to others, and may not have any material value. You may not even be able to take a credit for it.

The highest life offering is always ready for you. It lies in deep listening within and it awakens when you are open to receive it.
What wants to unfold when you shift the authority from your mind to your heart?
Aren’t you curious to see and fully embrace what wants to show up next, when you choose to listen and feel?

May we always practice giving thanks for all the gifts we receive.

In gratitude,

Anjay and Sacred Springs Staff

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