Did Black Friday put you in touch with the dark side of humanity? Have you noticed your own reactivity getting intensified lately?

In the time of receding light, there is an opportunity to embrace our shadow.

Leaves are falling down. Nature is completing the transition into renewal. One has to let go of the old to be ready for the new.

True letting go is to let it be, to have courage in embracing everything that we may not want to see and feel, to meet our pain and discomfort.

In most traditions, the celebration of Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah involves the time of fasting and deep reflection. Before the coming of Light, there is looking into the dark.

In Poland, the country of my birth, we decorate the Christmas tree on the day of Christmas Eve.

Symbolically it is a meeting of the shadow, conscious being with darkness, patient waiting and surrendering before the arrival of Light.
This is a potent time of the year when we are being reminded that when we truly surrender we may receive a real present – the Presence of Being, Peace and Light that we’ve been waiting for.

Wishing you true Holy Days,


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