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                        Welcome to Sacred Springs Retreats

Where you can deeply relax and unwind on Spiritual Healing Retreat in Northern California’s cleanest air and water environment!

Our retreats take place at the beautiful mountain retreat center Four Springs, abundant with springs and creek, located 10 minutes from Harbin Hot Springs, 20 minutes from Calistoga, and 1 hour 45 minutes north of San Francisco, just to the north of Napa Valley wine country.

We offer Holistic Healing retreats, which include silent and guided meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong, massage, Breathwork, Counseling and other services described on the Healing Therapies page.

Our Holistic Healing Personal Retreats have supported hundreds on their path of healing, personal transformation and spiritual awakening. We are happy to report over 95% success rate.

Why are we unique?

We offer a combination of a spiritual retreat and alternative, holistic healing therapies.

Our personal healing programs include small group sessions, individual healing therapy sessions and plenty of time to be alone in nature. We provide an integrated approach to support your healing and personal growth by integrating four basic modules of healing: body, mind, spirit and shadow.

Body – cleansing diet or juice fast, yoga, Chi-Gong, conscious dance practice, nature hikes and lots of rest and relaxation
Mind – inspirational and educational classes, books and films, group and individual inquiry, transforming negative thoughts patterns
Spirit – meditation, self-inquiry and mindfulness practices
Shadow – Thought and behavioral patterns that we don’t usually see, most of them hidden in the subconscious mind.  Through breathwork, counseling and spiritual life coaching we transform unconscious negative beliefs and patterns of behavior by conscious meeting of often suppressed emotions and automatic reactions.

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  • Holistic Healing Programs – 3 – 10-day personal retreats (description in green font listed below) – Available dates and rates info.
  • All Holistic Healing Retreats include lodging, 100% organic juice or meals, organic liquid supplements, herbal teas, morning yoga/exercise, twice daily guided/silent meditation and spiritual inquiry, use of infrared sauna, weekly visits to Harbin Hot Springs, nature hikes on the property, to waterfalls or nearby mountains (weather permitting), inspirational and educational films. You will have some structured time for sessions and classes, and plenty of free time on your own for nature walks, meditating and just being.In addition, daily individual therapeutic sessions are scheduled for each personal retreat program. For example typical 7-day retreat includes 3 Breathwork/Counseling/Spiritual Life Coaching alternated with 3 energy/bodywork sessions.
  • Juice Fast, Cleanse and Detox Retreat —Includes daily , 3 green vegetable juices, option of protein shake/citrus juice, cleansing spice and herbal teas, daily liquid multivitamins & minerals, optional hot or raw soup and chia seeds pudding, option of fresh fruits, juice cleanse preparation class. Breathwork (70% toxins gets released through breath), Body/energy work sessions, colon hydrotherapy.
  • Healing Health and Wellness Retreat—Revitalize Your Health and Wellness program. Alternative, integrated healing and support to improve the state of your health through raw foods, juice cleanse, nutritional consultation, food preparation classes. Emotional support to reverse effects of negative, subconscious patterns in creating the state of dis-ease. Alternative prevention and healing of cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and others.
  • Healing Grief and Loss Retreat —emotional counseling to grieve and to heal core sense of separation
  • Weight Loss Retreat —juice fast or juice/food combination (usually 1-2 meals a day or half time juice/half food), herbal cleanse, colonic hydrotherapy, yoga/exercise program, transforming negative core beliefs and self-defeating behaviors through breathwork and nutritional counseling/food preparation classes
  • Couples and Relationship Healing Retreat —Learn and practice compassionate communication skills, transform negative reaction patterns, heal passive/aggressive behaviors, process and heal emotional issues, learn basic Tantra and Watsu (www.fluidbreath.com)
  •  Personal Yoga Retreat – Beginners to intermediate levels of yoga practice  – integrative yoga combining elements of Hatha Yoga, Lyengar, Pranayama, Kundalini, Jnana Yoga. Learn deeper aspects of yoga – breath work, meditation, mindfulness, inquiry . Learn how to create your personal yoga practice aligned with your body type and your intention.
  • Meditation Retreat – individual and group meditation sessions for all levels – beginners to advanced; silent and guided meditations, Self-inquiry, scheduled silent times (half a day or longer), group and personal sessions, conscious movement meditations and mindfulness practices like Yoga, Chi-Gong, meditative walks.
  • Spiritual Growth/Awakening Retrea—sitting and walking meditation (silent and guided), self-inquiry, conscious dance movement, Kundalini, mindfulness practices, Vipassana, satsang, integrative awakening, breathwork, yoga, Qi-Gong, individual Breathwork/Spiritual Life Coaching session
  • Personal Transformation Retreats—14 -day programs Available dates and rates info. Healing depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD retreats . Healing and transforming negative patterns and self-defeating behaviors resulting from birth/childhood trauma, abuse, accidents, surgeries and other traumatic life events. In addition to Holistic Healing Program described above, you will receive more personal attention and care with daily Breathwork/Counseling/Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and 3 weekly body/energy work sessions. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to expel built up toxins and negativity; meditation, mindfulness and inquiry practices to rediscover your true self, release the illusion of separation and to live in joy and peace in the present moment. You will also get support to learn and create individual program and practices to continue after the retreat on your own at home.Beautiful Spaces

Tranquil Settings and Spaciousness of The Meadow and The Labyrinth Inspire Mindfulness Walks, Silent Meditation and Self-Inquiry

Alternative Addiction Healing and Recovery 14-day program: Holistic Healing and Personal Transformation Retreat (as described above) supporting you in healing root causes of compulsive behaviors and addictions, recognizing and transforming deeply ingrained negative patterns. You will learn and practice how to meet, feel and heal all underlying emotions, pains and discomforts, so you can let go of old ways of distraction and avoidance, leading to addictive behaviors.
This program is not a rehab. It is an alternative support, helping you to go deeper on your recovery path. We require that all participants be alcohol and drug free for at least 14 days prior to arrival to the retreat and be engaged already in 12 step or other recovery programavailable dates

“The beauty and stillness of the land are profound.

With the support of the staff, I found it relatively easy to drop my personality and bask in the hub and hum of existence. I know I will never go back to being who I thought I was.”

—S. J., healer, writer, musician

“”How many places can you go in the world and experience the paradigm shift I so desperately needed?”

—Chris D.

“It is a place to explore your soul, listen to the silence of your heart, and simply be… stop the constant thoughts… yes, simply be.”


“I arrived tired and tormented. I was looking for a relaxing, restorative and healthy holiday but my week at Sacred Springs was so much more than that. I am deeply touched and transformed.”


“Call of the Search… I left in a state of profound well-being which I am carrying with me still. I feel blessed to have found this place when I needed it.”


“Best vacation and retreat of my life! I went on this trip totally burnt out and I leave with a total new prospective on life.”


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and a bird song at Sacred Springs Retreat.

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